How does speaker wattage apply to amplifier wattage?

  1. I have two, 300 watt, speakers. Does that mean I would want a 300+ watt amp? Or a 600+ watt amp? Or something completely different? Also, would the wattage be the same for all receivers, amplifiers, and integrated amplifiers? I dont know much about speakers, so the more info the better. Thanks.

    Answer by countryfirst
    300 watts is the maximum power those speakers can handle. That doesnt mean they need 300 watts, it just means they can handle a receiver or amp that puts out 300 watts per channel.
    That said, you need to make sure that all ratings are RMS (root mean squared). Sometimes speakers and receivers are rated at “peak power” and several other terms are used as well.
    The standard in the U.S. is RMS so just make sure youre comparing apples to apples, in that all ratings are expressed as RMS.
    Stereo and surround sound receivers (and amplifiers and integrated amplifiers) are rated in watts per channel, so in that case the maximum youd want to go is a receiver or amp rated at 300 watts per channel RMS. Thats a very big expensive amp for a home theater setup. Unless your room is very large, you wont need nearly that much power.
    The other thing to look at is the sensitivity rating on the speakers. The more efficient they are, the less power they need to produce a given volume level. A speaker with a sensitivity rating of 88db takes twice as much power as a speaker with a sensitivity rating of 91db to produce the same volume level.
    Unless these speakers are very inefficient, a receiver or amplifier with 100 to 120 watts per channel should be plenty loud and clean.

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    Answer by Micah

  3. I would ideally like to transfer my CDs to a Hard drive, then using my PC and audio amplifier distribute audio to the living areas in my home. Is it possible to use either the Playstation3 or XBox360 for storage and playback? I am considering getting one of these consoles for gaming (FPSs is my thing) but can still be swayed either way.

    Answer by penguinboi18
    i dont know about the ps3 but the 360 can share music with your pc because i listen to music on my 360 that is shared from my desktop….they want you to use the windows media center w/e…but its easier for me to just use my zune program( which is free to download) and share my music it from it…but if you have media center then that is probably the best option

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