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   Oct 08

Thoughts On Finding Your Own Jewelry Style

To protect your rings from going down the drain, remove them prior to washing dishes or your hands. If you do not take them off beforehand, they may slide off in water and you will lose them forever. Alexandrite is often times overlooked, but it is a beautiful jewelry stone. Depending upon the lighting levels, the stone may appear alternately green or purple. It is often found in earrings, rings, and pendants.

If you can’t afford the wedding band you’ve always dreamed of, think about buying a smaller band and upgrading as your financial picture improves. You can add it later on for a momentous occasion, like an anniversary. Some jewelers provide buy-back programs where your ring can be traded for a larger one.

A stone that people do not often think of is Alexandrite. Depending upon the lighting levels, the stone may appear alternately green or purple. Alexandrite is commonly used in rings, earrings and pendants.

You should always remain within your budget when purchasing jewelry. Taking on a large amount of debt so that you or your significant other can wear a gorgeous ring is an unwise financial move. When just starting out, a young couple might be better served getting a cheaper ring. Once they have established themselves financially, they may choose to update the piece to increase its value.

It is extremely important to properly clean your jewelry. If you clean your jewelery make sure it is in good condition, you do not want to make it worse. If you find out that there are damages, take them directly to the jeweler that is local to you for repair and cleaning.

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