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   May 17

essay…………… ???

  1. what is the best essay format for university app?

    Answer by Seventeen Magazine
    Your college essay should give an admissions officer a glimpse into your personality and character (in about 500 words or less depending on the school), and is a chance to discuss aspects of yourself that may not show up elsewhere in your application. Keep in mind the following recommendations to get those creative juices flowing as you work on your application.

    1.Keep it personal. The essay is your chance to say things that test scores and grades cant communicate, so you want to give a college a sense of your personality and character. Are you funny? Caring? Serious? Courageous? Creative? Motivated? Tell stories that showcase your strengths and let your personality shine through in your writing style. Remember that every question asked in the application is an opportunity to talk about yourself. So when a college asks, Why are you interested in XYZ school? talk about what you can bring to the campus and how XYZ school can nurture you as a student.
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    2.Make connections. Its important to not just say youre interested in a particular field but to show how your experiences have shaped your interest. That means talking about the events, books, magazines, people, and moments that have inspired you, and demonstrating how you continue to cultivate your interests and talents at school, at home, and in your community.

    3.Proofread. Keep in mind that the college essay is first and foremost a writing exercise to demonstrate your command of the English language as well as your ability to organize your thoughts to make a cohesive statement. The biggest essay buzz kills are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and typos. So dont just rely on your computers spellcheck. Have someone you trust read your essay to look for anything out of place.

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  2. What is a narrative essay? How do you write one?

    Answer by Sdfasdf
    Tells the story of something where you are the narrator. Find an important moment in your life and write about it! Describe how you felt while doing this thing, and what it felt like afterwards, and include facts about the event.

  3. i have to write an essay about making porchops with harvest stuffing
    but i dont what to write can some one do it for me i would really appreciate it if your gonna say no or say do it my self dont bother answering my questionplease no rude comments

    Answer by Posey
    Whats your question?

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